The Arrival / The Opening

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

A very special box arrived today, and look what greeted me from the top layer:


The opening


I got a bit excited. A mess may or may not have been made. OK a mess was made:




I brought a few well-known favourites to the top. And then I went through them all, wondering where to start. What order should I read these in? Alphabetical by author? This has the advantage of reading consecutive works by the same author if they appear more than once, allowing me to make sparkling insights into their novella oeuvre. Reverse alphabetical? (because my last name is Young and alphabetical gets a bit unfair!!) Or should I go totally random? Pick one from the box and see what happens? Some other method?

WHAT SAY YOU??? (comment below please)

Meanwhile, some interesting patterns have emerged. Check out The Duel, The Duel, The Duel, The Duel, The Duel, The Death and The Devil, side by side:


The Duel, The Duel, The Duel, The Duel, The Duel, The Dead and The Devil


Maybe I should read all of the duels consecutively. Gahhh so many options! Now I just need to start reading. And writing.